About Me

Laura Preiser, MSCM

My journey began as the younger sibling to my nonverbal brother with Autism. Back in the day, few supports were available for such individuals. My parents bravely joined with other families and helped to create the first school programs and group homes in my home state of Maryland. The front lines of the disability rights movement intersected at our kitchen table.

Later, I was drawn to completing degrees in Psychology, Law and Conflict Management to answer my own questions about how assist my loved ones. Along the way I became the mother to two beautiful, gifted children, each with special needs.

In the past few decades,  I took on the role of the family advocate for both my mother and father in their last vulnerable years. Now days I am responsible for the important decisions that remain for my brother as he ages.

There have been difficult demands. Yet, my circumstances have also given me the opportunity to find strength and resilience. I have encountered the despair of the depleted giver first hand, and I can show you a better way. Let me be your guide when the path is hidden from view, or you feel too weary to go on.

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