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We are caregivers, and we need support too.

Because “You cannot pour from an empty cup”

-Elanore Brownn

Find your center.

Reclaim your sense of purpose,
Renew your energy and commitment. Remember that caring for yourself is where it all begins.

Build your capacity

We are the advocates, practitioners, and family members. We know that caring for someone with special needs is both a skill and an art. Let our community inspire your creativity.

Get support on your journey

You do not have to go it alone. Join our Caring Strength community.

We Believe You Deserve Support

We are the advocates, the caregivers, the ones who make the hard decisions. Yet our needs are often invisible. We bury our worries, we override our fatigue, we ignore the vast overwhelm surrounding us. At night we close our eyes feeling alone in a way few can understand.

The truth is we need support too. We need a mentor who can shed new light on our situation and help us sustain ourselves as givers. We need an experienced expert to help us grow in our own capacity to lead.

I am here to guide you in this journey of serving the ones who depend on you.

You may be a parent raising a gifted or special needs child; a teacher who is dealing with challenging students; a family member who is caring for an aging parent or sibling. You began with such high hopes, and then, gradually, it all started to become too much. You  now see that this role requires a long term commitment and cannot be done without help.

The great news is that you are not alone. I am by your side to assist you in your personal growth. Conflict, fatigue, and worry are no match for the clarity and re-commitment to your purpose that can be achieved through my coaching programs & community workshops.

“Laura is a creative and integrative thinker interested in expanding the boundaries of what conflict management can do for children, families, and organizations. Laura’s work showed an understanding and commitment to the core principles of conflict transformation and some innovative ideas on its applications.”

Sherrill Hayes Director, PhD,  Professor,   Kennesaw State University


Life coaching, and so much more



Strength-based, collaborative, action focused support



Up to date information tailored to your individual needs



Assistance in navigating your service systems



Maintaining fairness when dealing with difficult decisions



Finding personal growth within the stress



Making connection and sharing experiences

How Does It Work?

Follow These Steps

First, simply scroll down and fill out the form below to let me know about your        situation and what you need. Also, use our free stress checklist to help you get started.

Next,  our connection begins when we schedule a free, no obligation, conversation. This 30 minute consultation will allow us to get to know each other. 

Finally,  we will create a plan that is right for you, such as individual or group coaching, or participating in the Caring Strength community through workshops, and our website resources.

What is the investment in receiving personalized caregiver support ?

Let’s work out a plan that is right for you. A typical arrangement allows for 60 minute, weekly coaching that can be purchased on a monthly basis. The basic fee is 500.00 per month, with reduced prices for long-term clients. Workshops and on-line courses are priced separately.


Please use this form to tell me your name, your best email address and phone contact. Let me know if you prefer email or text communication. Answer the questions below in the comments section (Please take as much space as you need).

  • What are your biggest struggles you’d like help with?
  • Are you ready to commit to getting the support YOU need to improve your caretaking journey


Meet Your Coach

Laura Preiser, MCSM

My journey began as a younger sibling to my Autistic brother. I was raised in a family  that struggled under the pressure of taking on the life long commitment to care for a child with severe disabilities.

Later, I was drawn to completing degrees in Psychology, Law and Conflict Management to answer my own questions about how to cope. Along the way I became the mother to two beautiful, gifted children, each with special needs.

The stress is real. How do you score on our checklist?

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